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The Studio

Vicarel Studios a boutique brand & design studio specizlizing in lettering, content creation and illustration, led by Adam Vicarel. Located on the fringe of The Rocky Mountains, we focus on fusing clean, functional design with art crafted by hand for a unique aesthetic that is oftentimes a clear derivative of the lifestyle afforded by the location in which we live.


Vicarel Studios is a boutique brand & design studio specializing in branding, art direction, content creation and lettering, led by Adam Vicarel. Located on the fringe of The Rocky Mountains, we focus on fusing classic design principles with fine art techniques to provide a unique aesthetic for our clients' brands.


We have an ever-evolving team of creativ partners with whom we collaborate on a regular basis, allowing us to travel light and to scale with your individual needs.



All Things Creative.
Art Direction
Logo Design
Visual/Brand Identity
Brand Positioning
Hand Lettering

Social Media
Package/Product Design

Additionally, Adam loves speaking and teaching workshops.

Selected Clients

Sharpie, Lennox, Mountain Standard, Zeal Optics, Vail Resorts, CLE Clothing Co., NWSledder, Brooklyn Boulders, Lemmi Shine, Lock 27 Brewing, Rokkitwear, Breckenridge Resort, Great Divide Brewing



Art Director | Designer | Lettering Artist | Traveler | Photographer | Teacher | Speaker


Adam Vicarel is a multidisciplinary designer who focuses on creating work that fuses classic design principles with fine art techniques to bring a unique aesthetic to brands through use of lettering, typography and illustration. 

Adam works with clients big and small to develop creative visual solutions for all types of projects. Embracing the the creative process, Adam provides a full range of services from hand lettering, art direction, branding and packaging to apparel design, illustration, advertising campaigns and graphic design. 

In his personal work, Adam strives to infuse his love for travel and the outdoors into his work by combining typography, illustration, photography and storytelling to create a visceral experience for his viewers.

Adam likes donuts, whiskey, and experiencing new cultures and conversations around the world.

Pursuing Balance.

Iceland, England, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, Kenya, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines...




Interested in working together? Do you have a cool story about a bug you once ate? Care to meet up for a coffee or beer? Awesome! Here's a few questions I have for ya' before we get to chatting.

Photo: Joe Friend

Photo: Joe Friend

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