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Interior or exterior, large-scale, type-based or illustration-based murals—we work with brands to design and implement unique and impactful large-scale artworks that speak to their brand ethos, aesthetic and message.


See some of our favorite murals or read below for some of the basics on this offering and process.


Murals & Environmental Design

Murals can be one of the best ways to make an impactful impression on your customers and employees. Make a statement about your brand, your message, your ethos, or just make something that looks damn cool! Learn a little more about our murals and process down below.


Similar to a mural, an installation considers a bit more 3-dimensional elements. Leveraging more than just the wall and paint, we can consider all tbalm


Live & Interactive murals

What’s more engaging than painting live with an artist, an audience, and your friends around you? Live and interactive murals and installations have high levels of engagement, amazing results and returns, and can ultimately be used for many purposes: auctioned off to a charity, raffled at an event, or hung up in a main office.


Why a Mural?



The scale of a mural is far more impactful than standard framed art or photographs. Murals demand attention from your customers, old and new. Beautiful murals also evoke happiness and therefore a more memorable experience for your viewers. And let’s be honest—they’re just badass.


Because murals are unique, they make a bold, personal statement about you and your business, company or brand. Used thoughtfully, murals are certain to help your company ethos or values, tagline, or logo make a positive impression on your customer/clients as well as help them identify with your business.


Studies have repeatedly shown that colors affect emotions and emotions drive sales as well as increase positive engagement. Large, bold, bright images invite customers in, entice their emotions, and when applicable, lead them to purchases.


Murals aren’t just limited to the wall of your lobby or the sales floor. You can jazz up your conference room for more creative thought, your lobby for a more inviting and personal space, a cafeteria or main-room wall for a more unique experience, or turn the dull corridor into a new landscape. They can be created inside or outside.


Murals can also be utilized to help with way-finding and movement through your interior space, directing individuals (either physically and/or their visual path) through your building or room with intention.


Scope, Value & Deliverables

The scope and deliverables of every project changes with the your needs. Scale, complexity/intricacy of design, amount of colors, timeline and painting surface can all play factors in final value of mural painting.



Every mural will receive:

  • Professional Mural Artist(s)

  • Mood Boards and Brand Exploration for ideation and approval

  • Custom Lettering and/or Illustration and creative problem solving

  • Two finished mural designs (digital) + 1 round of revisions (TBD per project)

  • Renders of finished design for wall (used for approval before actually painting)

  • Application and painting of final design to wall with the appropriate, high quality materials.

  • Project can be filmed and documented for client to use in/as promotional content and materials upon request for an additional cost.



All custom artwork and designs are priced on a project-by-project rate; however, the following can be considered for ‘ballpark pricing’. Note: these rates are subject to change.

  • Average mural rate is $40 per square foot with a $2,500 minimum cost.

    • This rate is inclusive of most materials (paint, brushes, tape, etc.) but is not inclusive of specialty suplies such as lyfts, booms, high-powered fans, or other rentals potentially needed

  • Mural prices will be adjusted for the complexity of the project or design, the amount of colors used, and the surface being painted on.



Timing is very dependent on what other projects we are currently working on. Generally, if we are available to start the project immediately, the process takes about 4–6 weeks from initial correspondence through final delivery and implementation. That is generally inclusive of, but not limited to: project discovery, contract, mood boards, sketches, revisions, final approval, supply purchasing, mural implementation and painting.